Team Managers

The Team Manager is the link between their team and the club, assists the coach at training sessions, and facilitates the smooth running of game day.

Team Shirts and Equipment

Managers will be given their team's kit bag a couple of weeks after grading is completed and players have been allocated into teams. You'll be asked to sign for it and must ensure it is returned complete and in good condition at the end of the season. It will contain:

  • Shirts: These can be given to players for the duration of the season, but remain the property of the club and must be returned.
  • Managers and Coaches Arm Bands: Only Team Officials wearing these Arm Bands are allowed onto the playing area (if invited by the Referee). Team Managers and Coaches also are required to wear their ID cards on a lanyard around their necks. A HFI Inspector attends random games each week and may fine a team for not complying with this requirement.
  • Match Balls: These must be inflated to the correct pressure for each match (fines can be issued if match ball is not supplied).
  • Player of the Match Award (U6 to U11): It is important that this is allocated each game to an appropriate player. This is not necessarily the best player, but noted improvers, hard workers, classic goal scorer, best post-goal celebration, etc. SHARE THE REWARDS.

If any of the above gear is damaged please inform the Gear Co-ordinator. You may also be asked to distribute training balls, which can be kept by players at the end of the season, as well as shorts and socks for new players to the club (up to U18s).

Electronic Team Sheets (U8 and over)

For age groups U8 and over, team sheets must be completed before each match.

The team sheets are to be completed online by both team managers with the following details completed;

•Players shirt numbers.

•Players who are participating in the match must be ticked.

•Upgraded players must be added by clicking add player add shirt number.

•Both managers are to review the team sheet before the start of the match to verify that they have sighted ID Cards.

•Both managers at the end of the match are required to update match status, results & referee name if not an association appointed referee.

Competition Draw

Team managers should ensure every parent/player has a copy of the draw and ground locations.

Wet Weather

In the case of wet weather HFI may postpone games right up to the morning of the matches. When the Club is notified, we will send out an alert through TeamApp to all effected teams. If in doubt about training, check the Hills Council ground closures notification page. The Club may also close grounds if in our opinion they are too wet for training.

Club Meetings

Club Meetings are held twice during the season. It is compulsory that each team has at least one representative in attendence. Details are posted on the site from time to time.



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